Parent Coaching

Introduction to parent coaching

Whether you are a professional who wants to deepen their understanding or you are a parent who wants to help other parents, this course will be able to assist you in your endeavour.

Being able to help others has always been a very rewarding and satisfactory experience for all of us. Parents who feel they have “failed” to help their children often live a life of guilt. Wishing they had done better is probably the common denominator of all parents. So parent coaching is a vital service and every little bit makes a difference.

We value parents and parenting, being parents ourselves. We offer a practical and professional course to anyone who wants to help parents and children alike; a course where everyone wins!

This parent coaching course is unique and will cover the two key aspects in parent coaching: Children and Coaching.

It covers each aspect standardly, please read some of the key features and aspects of our parent coaching course below.

  • Coaching – In essence coaching is about improving conditions/states whether this is achieving a goal or remedying a habit or personal pattern. The parent coaching class will help you to understand children’s behaviour and intentions.
  • Understanding of a person’s/childs’ intent or behaviour allows you to handle or resolve in an amicable way for both parties. The motto of the parent coaching course is: We all win; child, parent and coach. Parents are routinely amazed at the understanding and abilities of parent coaches trained by us.
  • RaiseAchild’s Parent Coaching seminar doesn’t stop at deepening the understanding and skills of helping people, it goes one step further, where NO other available coaching courses goes. It covers the aspect of why some people can’t and won’t accept help and how to help them! A person may say they are willing to be helped but all their actions show otherwise, in this chapter you will find the answer to this question.
  • The parent coaching seminar applies the very principles it is based on during the actual classes and gives plenty of room for the experiences of its benefits. Attendees don’t walk away believing good ideas or tips were given, they experience the knowledge first hand. They go home and act on what they have learned!
  • The Parent Coaching course focuses on practical application. It is bespoken and achieving results is the main goal of this course.
  • The seminar can be delivered locally at your premises or at one of our advertised locations; please enquiry. We can cater to your needs, simply tell us what you need or want.
    Do any of the following points apply to you:

You want to help others with their problems in life?
You want to help children and parents in particular?
You are a coach or professional who has a “failed” client?
You want your employees or consultants to have more skills and abilities in helping children and parents?
Parent Coaching can be fun and it is a special experience as every parent coach will tell you when child and parent are happy due to ones action.

Parent Coaching, don’t wait, get started today and fill in our enquiry form now.