Learning Problems

Need better grades?
Don’t know how to help your child with his learning difficulties (LD)?

The study courses we offer are tailored for parents or professionals (tutors, teachers or instructors) who want to help their children to learn more easily and with more enthusiasm. Our methods work with students who excel at studies and with those who have learning difficulties – even severe learning difficulties.

Our study courses can also be successfully used by students who want to improve their own learning aptitude.

We have courses to assist students battling difficulties such as:

  • feelings of irritation after school or studying
  • physical manifestations connected with school or learning: headaches, feelings of blankness, eyes hurting, confusion, not remembering what was just read
  • ADHD
  • truancy
  • destructive or anti-social behavior
  • specific problems with Maths or English
  • problems with other subjects
  • lack of enthusiasm and/or disinterest in learning
  • semi-literate, slow students or very slow students
  • functional illiteracy and dyslexia
  • frustration about learning abilities and learning speed


Many thousands of students have successfully used our materials.  Many teachers and education professionals have effectively incorporated our materials into their educational methods.

Here are some of the KEY points:

  • The material covers precise tools that allow the student or educator to find the exact point or points of difficulty with any subject.
  • As educators and educational consultants, we have effectively used these materials to recover students who left and refused to continue a course of study.  Each time, the end result was a renewed interest in the course of study.
  • Each course is delivered by highly trained and experienced instructors.
  • No drugs are needed.
  • This course doesn’t teach you how to use the Internet better; it has nothing to do with memory training and it isn’t an e-learning tool
  • It is research-based and effective.  Correctly applied, it works EVERY TIME!
  • There are courses of study available for every literacy level.  Each course contains many illustrations to assist the student to understand the material.
  • There is a specialist course for gifted/talented students.
  • A parent or educational professional can use the information to teach more effectively.

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These courses will teach you how to help your child to learn any subject and to improve their ability to learn and their enjoyment of learning.You can help your child become an independent life-long learner.

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Learn the exact barriers to learning, how to recognize them and how to repair them – yourself. Become an independent learner, capable of mastering any subject.

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Any professional can learn the material themselves and then become proficient in the delivery of the material so they can utilize it with students, other educational professionals and in business training situations. We can provide our services at schools, business establishments or at a Study Centre.

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Our courses will give you the knowledge and the skills to remedy your own or someone else’s learning problems
We also see problem-solving skills improve. IQ has been seen to go from 110 to a staggering 145!  We routinely see children become very bright indeed as their love of learning returns and they move from hopeless to hopeful.

Give our children the best possible chance to develop their full potential because every child matters.

The courses offered through the RaiseAChild Program are based on the works of Educator L. Ron Hubbard.