Parenting/ Coaching Workshop Success Stories

Here are some results and gains from people who have completed the course/workshop:

“The parents that I had observed allowing a child to help said that it was enjoyable and felt that it had improved their bonding. I continue encouraging parents to see this as an every day occurrence and can be as simple as getting a child to pass something to the parent. With the parent saying thank you to the child. ”

 “This course has been very thought provoking and has freshened my practice. It is always common practise to go into a certain safe place when working with very complex situations. I continue to believe that so many practitioners are so rooted in their way of thinking that to move things on and have a good outcome for all, i.e. family function improved, has got to be taken very seriously by them and to think outside of the box is the only way forward. ”

 “This course has helped my families or helped me put things in a way that they start to really think about what they are saying and more importantly its effect on their children. ”

 “With the breakdown of family culture and its ever demands on services to resolve their dilemmas it is a way of getting families to understand themselves and that small changes can have fantastic outcomes. In particular I now use the Section ‘should have done but didn’t’ this is true coaching style and firmly gives the ball back to the person to take owner ship of their situation; all I will be doing then is guiding them to the end result. ”

 “In this course one can find a guide to better raise, understand and teach his or her child or children. I now understand how to get a child to communicate his/her thoughts and feelings after seeing arguments, disputes, etc. This course helps one to realise that a child is a person too with feelings, emotions and a personality of its own. The course teaches you to allow the child to grow into his/her own person and not to try to dictate a personality to him or her. Children are not to be trained like dogs, they are not puppies, they are little people who will grow up to be our future.”

“The course has brought home to me how important it is to allow my child to unfold himself instead of me pushing my ideas and/or behaviour pattern onto him. I used to get angry when my son did something wrong. I stopped after doing the course, the damage is significant.”

“This course has given me some great ideas that can help me with my kids. Furthermore, it also gave me good ideas on how these skills can be applied in schools while teaching difficult students. It is also a good eye opener for parents like us to know which way we are controlling our kids – bad control or good control. R.(Teacher/Parent)”

 “I find this workshop very enlightening with lots of tips on being a better person besides being a parent. I would recommend this to young parents who have tough times managing career and family. Thank you for inviting us from [Company] and we wish you lots of success. J. ”

 “I learnt that parents have always high expectations from kids and not realize that young children are also little beings with desires and emotions. We, most of the time, fail to realize the young children are also doing what they think is right to make parents happy. M. ”

 “I learnt that there are better ways to communicate with children compared to what I am doing now. I also realized what I’ve been doing is wrong- shouting or showing anger to my child. S. ”

 “I found out that this program is useful as it covered more towards skills building and technical know-how on parenting. It also addressed some problem solving issues with parenting having young children. I would like to know more on other possible skills building that can be offered to parents and trainers. [Followup classes available]. Thank you very much. Excellent presentation and program. H. (Ministry ”