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Professional childcare made easier through know-how

childcare made easier with our seminar

A happy and well developing child is the best advertisement any practitioner can have to expand his practice. Find out about the missing factor in your childcare. Becoming more effective means less stress and more results for your staff and/or yourself.

Whether you’re self-employed, work in the childcare sector or working with children or parents this workshop will give you a new perspective on childcare.

Take a look what other professionals have to say about this course:

  • “This has been very thought provoking and has freshened my practice. It is always common practise to go into a certain safe place” D.
  • “I found out that this program is useful as it covered more towards skills building and technical know-how on how to work with children. It also addressed some problem solving issues with parents having young children. Thank you very much. Excellent presentation and program.” H.
  • “I learnt that there are better ways to communicate with children compared to what I am doing now. I also realized what I’ve been doing is wrong.” S.
  • “This course has given me some great ideas that can help me with my kids. Furthermore, it also gave me good ideas on how these skills can be applied in schools while teaching difficult students. It is also a good eye opener for us to know which way we are controlling our kids – bad control or good control.” R.
  • “I now understand how to get a child to communicate his/her thoughts and feelings after seeing arguments, disputes, etc.”
  • “This has helped my families or helped me put things in a way that they start to really think about what they are saying and more importantly its effect on their children.”

Triangle of Cooperation♦A happy and well developing child is the best advertisement any practitioner can have in expanding his practice.
♦ How to work effectively with children while not curtailing his/her own efforts to learn and discover himself, his environment and how to build positive relationships with people and things around him.
♦ Perhaps the most disheartening thing that can happen to any practitioner working with parents and children is when parents can not accept their help. Why and how to overcome this elementary factor is covered, and we have been told (repeatedly) this alone was worth coming.

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Key Learning Areas:

• How to reach a parent and get his cooperation
• Remove the Blocks to educating parents
• Learn the 4 primary steps to successful teaching/nursing
• Tips on how to get a child’s interest
• Learn how to reach a withdrawn or upset child
• Define the play – setting learning objectives & using play to attain those
• Establish the child’s level of understanding and build on it
• Establish effective and strong parent/teacher partnerships.
• How to see through a child’s behavioral display
• What is needed to create a supporting and extending environment for a child to develop in?
• How to have contributive instead of demanding children?
• What is a gradient scale of learning and how skipping a step affects the • child’s behaviour and willingness to cooperate?
The Ofsted 2008/09 reports clearly suggests childcare that has teachers who can inspire, create interest in the children and give good services make all the difference to the performance of the nursery. At the core of good services is always, a competent staff who wants and knows how to make a difference. Learn how to make the difference you really want to, for your children. I have helped thousands of staff to achieve their goals and you can too. See you there!

“Because the more competent your childcare practitioners are, the better the working climate and the happier children and parents will be.”

Who should attend?

This workshop is recommended to be attended by childcare practitioners, Health workers, social workers, nursery officers, family support workers, family placement workers, teachers and community workers, EYFS teachers, nursery nurses, primary teachers and social service consultants.

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