Useful Sites

Please be advised that none of the below sites are endorsed by RaiseAchild. Furthermore RaiseAchild has a strong policy against the use of drugs to “resolve” any mental or learning disorder. Children need love not drugs!



Kids and young people

Educational Links

    GSE Abroad offers many opportunities to study abroad in Italy, England, Australia and more.
  • Sites for Teachers
    Top educator sites ranked by popularity.
  • English learnen mit Hermosa
    Wir bieten Englisch-Sprachaufenthalte auf der ganzen Welt (USA, Kanada, England, Australien, Neuseeland, Malta, Irland, Südafrika) und für jeden Geschmack an.
  • Revision Link
    Links to the best revision sites on the web
  • online homeschooling
    Foresttrailacademy provides online homeschooling that is defined as the education of children at home rather than any school or institution.
  • DeVry University
    If you want to earn a degree while working from well recognized universities and colleges – Contact The Degree Experts