Illustrated Dictionary of Sight/High-Frequency Words


Illustrated Dictionary of High Frequency or Sight Words

An educational resource to teach the key words of the English Language using images.  Key words: , we cover the words which are usually very difficult to explain and most illustrated Dictionaries avoid to illustrated.

300 Words, 585 Definitions, Full color print!


Illustrated Dictionary of High Frequency or Sight Words

This highly visual and intuitive teaching resource aims to revolutionize the early stages of learning the English language  by simplifying the teaching of the key words as part of the high frequency word list.

The Illustrated Dictionary of High Frequency Words comes in a large A4 paperback format, fully illustrated, over 300 words and 585 definitions, each with its own colour image. A detailed foreword and instructions are included. NO GRAMMAR  terms are used. The words are listed in alphabetical order, enabling the book  to be used as a reference.


  • large A4 format
  • only 6 definitions per page!
  • every page is in fullcolor print
  • definitions are simple and free of any grammatical terms
  • foreword that gives instructions on how to use this book, not only as a reference book

Bulk orders of 4 books or more are required to contact us regarding  the postage costs first – this doesn’t apply to software or downloads.

Additional information

Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 30 x 22 x .8 cm



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